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Aug 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >> president obama spoke briefly to reporters shortly after kerry made those remarks. he was less emphatic, his message was similar. >> part of our obligation as a leader in the world is making sure that when you have a regime that is willing to use weapons that are prohibited by international norms on their own people, including children, that they are held to account. >> the team of u.n. weapons inspectors invest galting tigai attack have now left syria. pentagon officials tell nbc news that five guided missile destroyers are in the eastern mediterranean sea and nearly all of the targets have already been loaded into the warheads of some 200 tomahawk cruise missiles. a strike would be limited and tailored to syria's chemical weapons program. president f president obama were to order such a strike it will come without support from great britain. prime minister david cameron suffered a humiliate regbuk in parliament after they voted against military intervention. cameron says he will honor their wishes. france's leader says they are in, and he -- any american strike would also come without the
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
the greatest perpetrator of violence in the world today. maybe he'd be protesting against barack obama who said nothing about the military coup in honduras, which is only three years ago and had death squads running around. he refused to call it a military coup because that would require the united states to act. >> nsa spying, i'm sure he'd be protesting. >> but i think this is -- this is what i mean. people can look back and we can extrapolate almost anything we want. >> no, you can't. >> there's a very -- >> you can't. >> but there is a truth about dr. king's life. so, if you go back to that dream speech, the truth about that speech is that the dream part of it was sort of the baptist minister coming out of dr. king. at that moment in his speech, he's winding it down and he's trying to figure out how to connect all the points that he previously made. now, if you go to the part of that speech when he talks about a promissory note, marked insufficient funds, where he warns that don't think negros are going to be content on this day and go back and it's business as usual for this nation. dr. ki
Aug 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
, a republican from north carolina. he should be the poster child for obama era conservatism in the house. he won a seat last year and already put his name on over a dozen bills to repeal parts or all of president obama's signature health care law. but when pittinger faced the locals at a town hall monday, he found himself confronted by tea party conservatives who demanded to know if he'd vote against any federal spending bill to implement obama care, even if that means shutting down the entire federal government. >> real quick easy question, this is what the tea party wants to know, will you vote with mike lee and meadows here to defund obama care? yes or no. [ applause ] >> a thoughtful answer? >> i want yes or no. >> no. >> that answer, as you can see, did not go over well. the crowd began pushing back against pittenger who said even if it passed the house, it would never pass the democratic senate and would never be signed by president obama. that only enraged the crowd even more. >> will you make a stand to get them back on board. >> do you think hair harry reid is going to pass it. >> it do
Aug 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
that president obama is going to be speaking this week. spoken about race lately with the trayvon martin case. when he speaks about race, it's some of his most powerful speeches. he speaks very personally and he tends to get out some of the more wonaspects he falls into. we focused a lot on sort of racial equality and racial progress from the first march and a lot on economic equality and progress and as you've seen we're still very, very far from there. that a big part of the march. >> blake, you have sxhaut somewhat of a background in politics. i wonder from the standpoint from people around barack obama, trying to get him ready for this moment. he's going to be speaking where martin luther king spoke 50 years ago. how do you think he's preparing for this and his staff is preparing for him. it almost seems like an impossible challenge. >> this held up as one of the great speeches in american history and which is funny as a side note because we look at it as this iconic moment in american history and everyone rallied around how that was a great moment and at the time, this was a dissident ac
Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
the loud and aggressive demands by tea party to defund obama care even if that means shutting down federal government. you've probably seen the heated debates, including robert pittenger. this is the town hall story we already know about, events like that. a much different town hall story may be taking place, one that hasn't gotten much attention. how immigration reform is playing back home. the comprehensive overhaul package providing citizens after establishing strict new border control passed senate with a bipartisan majority in june. it looks like it would have the votes to pass the house, but only if republican leadership lets it come to a vote, which so far has been completely out of the question. a big reason for that, fear among republicans that letting it pass will trigger an angry back lash from the conservative base which gets to that other story it's developing from the town halls. so far at least, the loud tea party protests have been about obama care funding. they have not been about immigration. this comes even as several republican members of congress use town hall meetings
Aug 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
president obama to cancel joint military exercises with egypt that had been planned for next month, that was a rebuke of egypt's military leaders, but he also had a stern warning for egypt's interim government speaking from martha's vineyard on thursday. >> given the depths of our partnership with egypt, our national security interests in this pivotal part of the world and our belief that engagement can support a transition back to a democratically elected civilian government we've sustained our commitment to egypt and its people. but while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue, as usual, when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> for the latest on the situation now, we go to msnbc news foreign correspondent live in cairo. >> good morn, steve. a tense situation is unfolding. a mosque where dozens of supporters of the president seems to be developing. in that situation a gunfight has broken out outside the mosque and tear gas inside the mosque to try to get the supporters out. throughout the course of the early morning we
Aug 4, 2013 5:00am PDT
nothing to do with gun control. they're talking about obama care, stopping it is the government takeover of health care. my reading on this is a little cynical. it's the conservative movement at large saw an opportunity to overturn elections. >> marjorie, you as an elected official don't get to constitute your recall election. the people decide that. that's a constitutional fundamental right as upheld by a judge in denver court. we live in a representative system where our elected officials go and they represent the interests of their district. you know, in deference to dave, this isn't just a recall election driven by a small group of people. he mentioned 5,000 people. there were over 16,000 people in the area that signed a petition for recall just for senator john morse. that was more votes than he got when he first got elected to the position. 10,000 or more of those got certified. and now we're in a recall situation. but, look, that district's very interesting. a third republican. a third democrat, a third unaffiliated. the interesting thing about this is it's really not a party batt
Aug 3, 2013 5:00am PDT
this week, it looked like the wall of republican opposition to president obama was finally crumbling apart. when the week began gop threats to shut down the government until obama care was defunded seemed to be fading away. lindsey graham of south carolina, he's one of eight republicans negotiate aing with the administration on a potential spending deal suggested he was open to obama's call to increase infrastructure spending as part of a broader agreement on spending and taxes. the house gop seemed to be fracturing and pull from the appropriation bill known for the transportation of housing and urban development. the tea party opposed the bill because it didn't cut enough and moderate republicans including members of the appropriations committee because it cut too much in line with the automatic spending cuts that were put in place last year. hal rogers of kentucky complained on a letter on his website, "discretionary cuts must be brought to an end." with house republicans unable to pass a seeming appropriations bill on their own suddenly looked like an open for the senate to broker a com
Aug 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
before holder spoke up. we watched play out this week a break from the norm since barack obama became president. there was knee-jerk reaction but support from republicans, and a lot of republicans who said nothing. is it a bigger break than that even. voices in 1986 and for years after 1986 pleading with americans to rethink that law. but there wasn't much room for them in either party. modern republican party was built on being tougher than the liberal softies on the other side. democrats became obsessed with disproving that claim. it's where stiff mandatory sentenci sentencing, three strikes and you're out, where the incarceration of more than 2.4 million americans, it's where it all comes from. the question is whether we've reached a new place, whether the tougher on crime imperative that drove both parties for a generation is giving way to a new consensus, one that doesn't automatically assume that the most punitive response is the best response. one that leaves room for what eric holder called common sense. have the politics of crime changed and have they changed for good? i want
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)